Healthy Foods Is the Great Marketplace Evolution You’re Not Watching

Healthy Foods

What’s up with consumers and healthy foods?

The market is demanding more and more healthy dining options, and as a product & growth marketing enthusiast, the dynamics are very interesting. You may not realize how wide a trend this really is.

No doubt you’ve seen some of the headlines….but you’re on the web. To you, this feels “normal.” Unlike you, food retailers and manufacturers aren’t treating this as “normal.” Have you been paying attention?

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Positioning Your SaaS Product For Success

Positioning - Speaking to be Heard

Positioning is one of the most significant activities in product marketing.  As a product marketer, you have to know how your product differs from others, in order to describe it in a way that your market will pay attention.

But you really need to step back a bit. It’s critical to build the product in such a way that you’ll be able to draw a distinction with other products in the market. In a sense, you have to know how you want to talk about it, before you know what to build.

The positioning needs to be baked into the product strategy.

In the case of a startup, you’re figuring both things out at the same time. What’s that interplay like?

Hopefully, you’re not getting started too late!

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How to Conduct a Product Opportunity Assessment


Product teams exist to assess opportunity and capitalize.

Product managers are tasked with finding market problems that are pervasive within a certain target market, and that people are willing to pay to remedy.  Then, once found, product owners guide the development of a profitable solution to those problems. (at smaller organizations, those may be the same person)

Market problems can be solved with new service offerings; new features; new partnerships; or new products.  Given limited resources, however, product teams can’t pursue every opportunity.  They must prioritize.

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Product Vision 2014: The Internet of Things

Internet of Things

What’s your product vision?

As a product leader, you already know that the most powerful way to align the independent teams you need — user experienceproduct marketingsales, executives, etc. — without any authority is a compelling product vision.

Adam Nash refers to a strong product leader as a force multiplier.  People respond if you paint an image of a place worth going, and a credible plan (your product roadmap) for getting there.  

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Handling the Avalanche of Feature Requests


Have a product in customers’ hands?

Get ready for an unending river of feature requests!  A common problem among product management professionals is how to handle requests from clients and prospects in various market segments, along with strategic initiatives.  “They’re all good ideas!” Handling feature requests combines several distinct problems:

  • Tracking requests, usually including the submitting party and the date.
  • Identifying the underlying problem.
  • Prioritizing the changes to the product.
  • Designing and estimating the solution.

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