Product Marketing

A few thoughts about product marketing, with many to come.

First, the roadmap and your product vision.  How far out does the roadmap go, and how closely tied is your messaging to the vision of the future of your product/portfolio? Does your messaging address problems you don’t solve yet with features you haven’t built yet, or do you play it close to the vest?  Do you communicate a long term roadmap beyond one year, or an intermediate term roadmap with some estimate of timing?

How do you position your offering in the market? How do you go-to-market?

Product managers should be involved with voice of customer.  Does your entire product team get out to client sites and conduct observation, or are they only talking to clients through intermediaries such as sales and implementation?  

For companies with more than one product, product marketing may take on the role of gathering voice of customer for the portfolio–or across all the problems you solve for your prospects.  In those scenarios, they may also take on competitive analysis at the portfolio level.

How well developed are your user or buyer personas?  You can do elementary research on your personas using LinkedIn, but they’re simply not complete without direct research.  Are you buyer-centric?  Do you make use of personas for design and strategy?

Do you maintain a Blue Ocean style strategy canvas?  Have you crossed the chasm?


More to come!

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