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Inbound Marketing and Personal Branding at B2BCamp Atlanta


This January 19, I’m offering a Town Hall session at B2BCamp Atlanta on Inbound Marketing Techniques for Personal Branding.

What’s with Inbound Marketing?

It turns out that many of the things companies are doing to draw interested people into the sales funnel–blogs, podcasts, ebooks, social media–are equally applicable to people as they are to companies.  People have been talking about personal branding since “The Brand Called You” in 1998, and modern Web 2.0 technologies are truly able to realize that vision.  But many professionals still haven’t gotten on board!

This has implications for customer facing employees trying to improve their success at work, and also people seeking new work.  Imagine being in sales.  When a company is seeking more information on a problem your company solves, if they discover you to be a local expert in the market problems, wouldn’t that make your job easier?   Your online presence can help you be seen as the expert, internally and externally.

These are easy ways to boost your capital at the office!

How does this help me get a job?

The job market is changing.  Here’s an insightful piece with Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot, talking about how he typically goes after employees who’ve come into his sphere of attention via their blog.  In contrast, he’s unable to sit down to read all the resumes that come into his company regularly.

If this is not just Brian–and I’m convinced it’s not–the entire process by which people find optimal employment is changing.  In fact, it’s not about finding jobs anymore.  In ten to fifteen years, for any role that isn’t a commodity, opportunity will find you.

Opportunity might be a bigger role at your own company.  You can help your case here by demonstrating what you know online.  Alternately, opportunity may be a role at a new employer, who finds you through LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog, or some web property that hasn’t been invented yet.  But the day is coming.  Are you ready?

Personal branding also includes a “product management” process that involves matching your skills to career paths to figure out how exactly you can provide (and obtain) the most value, and potentially shoring up weak spots in your skill set. One might consider customer discovery interviews to determine what problems potential employers need solving. Product-market fit also applies when you are the product!

More to come!

Soon I’ll be launching a new blog that dives deep into the many facets of building an online presence.  That way I won’t have to pollute this product management blog with personal branding posts 🙂  Once the test-marketing phase is complete, I will post an official announcement here.


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  1. Alex Sherman (@alex_sherman)

    Great post, John! This post solidifies personal branding and where it’s headed.

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