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Resources for Starting a New Product Management Job

Resources for Starting a New Product Management Job

Recently I started a new product management job.   Like everyone else, I’m trying to do the right things in my first couple of months.  I’m diving into competitive research, thinking about what buyer and user personas might look like, and getting my head around the problem space and the solution space.

If you’re looking for a new job, this might be a good time to ask your prospective employer to send you to product management training as part of your compensation package.

If you’re mentally preparing for a new job, I recommend browsing through some of these posts I’ve captured over the years that provide advice about what to do when starting a product management job.  This list includes 2 posts that came out in the last week:

As a general frame of mind, I want to highlight this one paragraph in Geoffrey’s post because I think it emphasizes where your attention should be focused:

You will need to wlak in and gain immediate market authority. If you are lucky, your background will be in a similar market, with similar solutions. You will need to prioritize the efforts, and try to steer the ship back to the proper course. You will probably not be able to completely right this ship, depending on how long it had been adrift, but you can prevent a Titanic sized disaster.

I hope this is helpful in starting a new role, or perhaps reframing your current one! As you settle into a new role, have a look at my product management tools and resources for some more resources you might put to use in your new environment.

Please share any additional finds in the comments below.