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Interview: Rich Mironov

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rich Mironov.  Rich is an accomplished product executive and startup veteran who’s spent significant time evangelizing agile product management.  Rich also founded the very first ProductCamp in Silicon Valley, and wrote The Art of Product Management based on content from his Product Bytes blog.

Rich and I spent about half an hour discussing three primary topics: ProductCamp, Agile Product Management, and the Product Management career path.  Some of the specific discussions included:

  • How ProductCamps can increase awareness among senior and executive level product management.
  • How product managers can help engineering organizations to understand everything that product managers do  outside of engineering to help ensure the success of a product.
  • What are the options for a product manager to advance in the field.

Rich provides great insights in a relaxed, disarming style.  Rich can be reached at his blog ( or by email at


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  1. Hi John,

    Your question on how product managers should cope with Agile teams is spot on!

    Another thing: I’ve never heard of Rich before, but he seems to be a very experienced product manager (quick question: Did he prepare for the questions before the interview)?

    • johnp


      Rich is a Silicon Valley vet who’s a wealth of knowledge – glad I could provide the introduction!

      And yes, Rich had a heads-up on the questions.


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